The Human Resources Specialists

With a talent database of over 3,500, we specialise in swiftly assembling tailored teams to suit the unique needs of your brand, campaign objectives and audiences.


Our Mission.

We are dedicated to fostering stronger bonds between brands and their customers, through human connection.

Our focus lies in crafting authentic, memorable physical experiences that leave a lasting impression on customers, ensuring they forge positive and enduring connections. We accomplish this through our exceptional staffing database.

Through rigorous recruitment processes, comprehensive training methodologies, competitive compensation packages, emphasis on motivation and inclusion, and commitment to continuous feedback, we cultivate a community, not a commodity.

What our customers say.

We pride ourselves on pleasing our clients, so why don’t you see what some of them have to say about Live?

Our expert staff.

We’ve always focused heavily on the importance and effectiveness of people. Whether it was meticulous recruitment or training programmes, we put the time and resources into our people to deliver the best experiences, and maximise the gains for our clients.

It’s something we’ll always remain committed to.

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