Elevate your brand with award-winning brand ambassadors

We know that excellent Brand Ambassadors are integral to the success of any campaign. That’s why we developed a unique staffing solution that goes beyond filling roles to take your experiences to the next level. Discover 3,500 vetted staff ready to deliver exceptional experiences.

Our staffing approach

We have an extensive network of over 3,500 vetted Event Managers, Brand Ambassadors, Immersive Actors, models, performers, DJs, mixologists, silver service, security and riggers. All of which have passed our rigorous audition process, ensuring that they embody the skills and ethos to authentically represent your brand.

3,500 UK staff

Our vast network of brand ambassadors means we have the right talent for your needs.

Quality-assured staff

We never compromise on quality. That’s why we developed our extensive audition process – and only 30% of applications make it onto our books.

Diverse roles

Whether your campaign calls for tech-savvy individuals or immersive actors, we have you covered.

Reach any demographic

Our staff are ready to reach any audience, anywhere.

Find the perfect match
for your campaign

With our advanced staffing database

Our advanced database is what sets us apart. Using profiles, photos, CVs and videos, we’ll make all our staffing selections based on your precise needs. And, coupled with our in-house HR team, we can provide seamless staffing solutions from recruitment to on-site management and beyond.

Diverse multi-award-winning staff

We have a variety of professionals throughout the UK, ready to bring your campaign to life.

Brand Ambassadors, Immersive Actors, Specialist Staff, Sales/Lead Gen, Hospitality & Hosts, Event Managers, Product Demonstrations, Comperes/ Presenters.

Unlocking potential with bespoke training

When it comes to training, we know that going with a one-size-fits-all approach can have a negative impact on your campaign. Instead, our dedicated in-house talent and training team provides bespoke training modules, tailored to meet your unique objectives. By doing this, we ensure that our staff are ready to face any and all specific challenges involved in your campaign.

We also believe in learning face-to-face – there’s no substitute for in-person training when it comes to building a successful team.

From classroom to customer

Our training process starts in the classroom and moves to on-site practical exercises, ensuring that our staff are ready for real-world challenges. Alongside this training, we offer immersive role-play and Q&A sessions to address queries and ensure everyone is completely prepared.

Training doesn’t stop once your campaign begins. We offer quarterly training sessions to our core talent pool to keep skills sharp and motivation high. And, we prioritise the mental well-being of every one of our staff – offering resources and support for a balanced work-life.

Join our
staffing team.

At Live, we’re passionate about people. Our talented experts know how to connect with others in a way that inspires connection and action – and we’re always on the lookout for passionate people to join our team of over 3,500 UK and European experts.

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