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We create genuine customer connections, acquire new leads
and collect valuable insights, across planet Earth

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Brand experience

Whether it’s executing show-stopping experiences, engaging customers when they least expect it or supporting a wider brand activation, our experts know how to deliver.

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Sales & customer acquisition

We work with you to define a complete customer acquisition strategy – deploying the right people in the right places to start conversations and drive conversions.

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Market research

We know that knowledge is power.
So we make it easier to collect the data
you need to make informed decisions for your campaign.

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Discover how our people
have supported campaigns
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Why choose ?

We have over 3,000 experts on our staff database.

We offer UK & European capabilities.

We have a proven track record of results working with the world’s biggest brands.

We have 25+ years of experience in building data and insights.

We are the market research partner of choice for the NHS and the Department for Transport.

We prioritise collecting data at every point of the journey, so everything runs smoothly and you continue to get the results you need.


At Live, we deliver global reach for every brand, enabling them to get the best people where they need to be as quickly as possible. With our extensive network of experienced people, we create memorable campaigns that energise your audience, generate leads and build data.

Our dedicated team provides each client with the personalised attention they deserve. We believe in fostering strong relationships with our clients, with a philosophy centred around human connections. We value phone calls over emails, meetings over phone calls, and memorable experiences above all else.

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