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Understanding your customers and market is the basis of any successful campaign. But, how do you know what your customers want, and how they want it presented?

That’s where Live steps in. With our experienced field research and data analysis teams, we will build an accurate picture of what your customers really want.

Partner with market leaders

With over 15 years of experience in gathering and interpreting market research data, we’ve developed a strong expertise in market research, and actioning those insights.

Working with clients ranging from Transport for London to JD Sports means we have a breadth of experience and knowledge to support your mission to understand your customers. Check out some of our case studies to see how we bring success to our clients.

Learning through human contact.

Surveys and polls provide valuable data for businesses, but researching customers wherever they are, allows our experienced researchers to pick up on non-verbal cues and develop a deeper understanding of the customer experience. The numbers matter, but it’s also important to go beyond them and understand the ‘why’.

Cover every angle
with Live.

From quantitative to qualitative and competitor research to bespoke research, we cover a variety of areas.

But it’s more complicated than simply asking the questions and gathering the data, it’s about translating that data into insights and actions that directly contribute to your growth.

At Live, we specialise in producing actionable insights.

Grow from tangible results.

Our team of market research experts have worked with hundreds of similar data sets, and know how to see and pick out the actionable insights that can help you grow your business.

We produce data-driven reports that provide granular detail into your customers’ thinking. We can elevate this process by engaging our team specialising in brand experience, sales, and acquisitions to translate insights into actionable experiences.

Case Studies

Discover how our people have supported campaigns across the country


Got some more questions that need answering? We have the answers.

Market research can come in the form of statistics, in which quantitative researchers will pore through the data to spot insights, trends and patterns that can be leveraged in a campaign or promotion.

Our field teams can be positioned wherever your customers are and more to speak directly to customers, face-to-face. They record and note down the reactions, suggestions and every qualitative piece of information that comes from speaking to customers in person.

While a wealth of data about consumers on a range of products and services is freely accessible on the internet, it quickly becomes too wide and not specific enough to your target audience.

Brands can develop fantastic products and services that the customer is sure to like if they interact with it, but there are numerous hurdles to cross before they ever come into contact with it.

You need to develop awareness of your brand amongst your target market, and you can only do this by knowing where they are, and how they like to be spoken to.

Even if you’ve nailed down where your audience lives, you need to make sure that they want what you’re offering. Gathering information on your product or service can help you to refine it and ensure a higher level of success when launch day arrives.

If you really want to maximise the investment in your latest product or service-based campaign, don’t do half-measures. By knowing your audience, you can extract the maximum value from any campaign.

With our 25+ years of operating comes experience and exposure to a huge variety of brands, organisations and campaigns across different industries.

This means that we have touched nearly every B2C market and sector at some point, and therefore have a wealth of knowledge of how market research needs to be tailored to the numerous factors that makes every brand unique.

We keep anonymised, historical data from our research over the years, and use this to inform our strategy and save time by having a general understanding of what works and what doesn’t in an industry.

At Live, we’re passionate about helping our clients grow their brand awareness, drive conversions and ultimately, grow as a business. We know that effective market search is the starting point for this.

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