A retail renaissance in the face of change

The challenge

Significant shifts in demographics, economics, technology, and media all exert pressure on traditional retail models. Because of this collective force, major brands have had to make tough decisions, leading to the closure of physical stores as consumers increasingly embrace the convenience of online platforms. 

Amidst this transformative wave, De’Longhi, a familiar name in the retail arena, found itself navigating these challenges. The evolving dynamics in the market created a strain for De’Longhi, prompting a reassessment of strategies to effectively adapt to the new retail world shaped by changing consumer behaviours and market trends.

The strategy

More than half of shoppers say that good customer relations will positively impact their purchasing decisions, although half again would prefer them just to be at the pay point. 

We created a best-in-class service experience through a highly trained and dedicated ‘Sales Force’ working across retail at the point of purchase. Since 2014, De’Longhi’s in-store retail program has given consumers a more rounded and personal experience, offering demonstrations of the many luxury premium products available. 

Working across the JLP, DSG, HOF, Debenhams portfolios and independents, LIVE’s teams have helped drive sales at the point of purchase as well as add value to the De’Longhi brand.

The results


full-time contracted staff (up weighted to 40 during peak season)


average sales uplift


average conversion to purchase


new audience reach

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