Bringing Volvo’s compact SUV to the public

The challenge

We wanted to conduct an engaging influencer and lifestyle event to celebrate the new Volvo EX30, a compact, electric SUV. The event demonstrated Volvo’s commitment to planet and people, and made people feel as if Volvo was a brand that spoke to them.

Through the event, we wanted it to generate masses of original content to reach new audiences and create emotional closeness to the brand.

The strategy

Across two days in East London, we engaged thousands of people and made them aware of the Volvo brand, and the new model. 

We recruited a team of 5 expert staff with knowledge on the car model who were able to engage every demographic. They were able to position the EX30 as an environmentally friendly entry point into the Volvo brand.

They were able to generate emotional closeness with the brand by showing customers how Volvo is different and improves the lives of its drivers. Ultimately, our friendly and engaging teams created an affinity for the Volvo brand. 

The results


Impressions and Engagements

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