Product Sampling Staff Checklist

Turning your samples into sales can be hard work unless you have the right people behind your campaign. For a successful sampling campaign, your brand ambassadors need to be the ideal fit. As the key face of your brand, they play a vital role in building new relationships and getting your product into the hands of your audience. So it’s essential that your sampling staff are well-trained with the knowledge and expertise to deliver a world-class experience. To help you craft the perfect team, we’ve put together an in-depth product sampling staff checklist that covers all the details to ensure you get the most out of your brand ambassadors.

Know their roles

Before selecting your sampling staff, remember to be mindful of the roles you wish them to take on. This gives you more time to organise exactly what they will need to get the job done. A key part of this is to figure out the projects and responsibilities they will be managing. Such as stock uplift, booking activities and other sampling tasks. That way you can easily outline where each of your staff will be covering in your campaign roadmap. By employing a senior member or team leader, it’ll give you greater peace of mind when it comes to handing over your campaign.

Provide Clear Briefs

As long as your sampling staff are filled in with the appropriate information, your campaign will never fail to impress. Educating your sampling staff is a great way for them to get to know your brand and feel more involved.

By providing a clear brief, it can make all the difference to the development of your team, from understanding your brand terminology to learning more about the product or service. In particular, sampling staff value client input as much as they do from the agency themselves. This allows them to get an accurate idea of the brand’s expectations and overall mindset.

Check Availability

Knowing your sampling staff’s availability is a fundamental part of creating a successful brand experience. You’ll need to find out if they have suitable travel arrangements or access to their own vehicle as well as checking the mileage allowances. This helps you to keep track of your product sampling team, work out where to target your consumers and ensure that your campaign is executed in the right place, at the right time. So you can decide on the different store locations and the regions you’ll be grouping each member of the team. It’s also useful for planning when your campaigns need to be booked.

Skills and Experience

To bring your campaign to life, your sampling staff need to be skilful and motivated. Putting your product or service in front of an audience can be made a whole lot easier when the people representing your brand are inviting and actively engaging.

For a truly special event, you’ll need a team filled with personality, positive attitude, knowledge and experience to ensure it leaves a lasting impression. The success of your campaign will often depend on how well the individuals connect with your consumers and their physical approach.

Professional Training

Looking after your sampling staff is a pivotal practise in driving an effective campaign. When onboarding your team, each member should be offered an ongoing training program as part of their development plan.

Whether you provide workplace sessions or e-learning resources, coaching sampling staff is a useful technique for maximising their skills, knowledge and confidence as well as assessing their performance level. That’s why LIVE offers a bespoke sampling staff training system to support individuals’ development and create a stronger network of leading professionals.

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