Our sustainability promise

As climate change intensifies, so does our passion to ensure we are doing everything in our power to be both responsible and accountable.

At Live, we are committed to inspiring positive change and are looking to reduce our impact as much as possible without compromising the high standards we set for our clients.

Our Mission.

LIVE has made considerable progress over the last 15 years.

Climate change impacts all of us and collaboration is key to achieving a more sustainable events sector. Learning from each other is crucial, and we will continue to forge the path to promote a more sustainable industry.


Our partnership with SKOOT, a certified B Corp, is one initiative that helps ensure we are offsetting our carbon footprint.

SKOOT is a platform for Climate Change helping businesses, individuals and communities remove their carbon footprint to achieve Net Zero. Offering a range of simple solutions to a complex problem.

They help Identify your carbon footprint, provide quality climate solutions to carbon Offset and supply unique tools to Avoid carbon emissions. Working with world-renowned NGOs and two of the biggest and most established providers of Verified Carbon Credits they plant certified trees that are protected, and cared for.

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