Loosening the world of whisky

The challenge

Whisky has always had something of a ‘stilted’ image, invoking images of drawing rooms and smoking blazers. Glenmorangie is globally recognised as one of the best whisky producers, and they wanted to reclaim their place on the whisky throne.

We knew we could help Glenmorangie in this mission by playing on how whisky is perceived by the general public to create something new and eye-catching. 

The strategy

We decided to make use of an iconic piece of British design – the red phone box. We transformed the red phone box into an installation. Decorated in Glenmorangie’s signature orange, the phone box hotline features a live voice-actor or drag queen host, who creates a unique and delectable experience for each guest.

The intriguing voice guides the listener through a series of entertaining prompts, resulting in the dispensation of a unique Glenmorangie coin token – redeemable on-site for a distinct Glenmorangie cocktail.

We spent 4 days at St James Quarter Edinburgh promoting the Glenmorangie brand.

The results


Samples were shared


Sale conversion


Tarots read per day


Major cities covered

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