Designing planet-friendly and community-centric retail

The challenge

IKEA had plans to open a new store in Greenwich, London. They wanted to make it as environmentally sustainable as possible, so we teamed up with Mother to make it a reality. It had to be designed with Londoners in mind, and find a way to improve everyday life for people.

The strategy

When designing this store, we had greywater recycling, rainwater treatment, solar panels, a learning lab and even an outdoor sensory garden in mind to meet the goals.

We engaged in a number of activities, like creating a sustainable Veggie Dog Cart, turning recycled IKEA bags into Oyster card wallets, creating a living plant wall on Lewisham shopping mall,  and even created IKEA Good Ships. IKEA Good Ships were remote controlled rubbish-clearing boats which we deployed on London’s waterways.

On top of our sustainability related initiatives, we commissioned portraits for Greenwich locals out of old Ikea catalogues, drawing people in and making them feel a part of the changes.

The results


Sustainable veggie dog cart


Living wall on Lewisham shopping mall


Rubbish-clearing boat built

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