Elevating Magnum’s Sunlover launch

The challenge

In order to elevate Magnum’s Sunlover Ice Cream launch at Selfridges in August, we aimed to create an exclusive and personalised pop-up experience where people could taste and buy their unique Magnum creations. 

Our goal was to offer consumers a chance to immerse themselves in the brand and delight in a bespoke ice cream experience, enhancing their connection with Magnum’s new Sunlover range. Through this partnership, we wanted to make every visit a memorable and enjoyable exploration of Magnum’s exquisite flavours and individualised treats.

The strategy

To guarantee a successful launch of Magnum’s Sunlover Ice Cream at Selfridges, we recruited and trained a specialised retail team. These brand ambassadors, well-versed in product knowledge and customer engagement, allowed us to create a personalised pop-up experience.

Our stock management ensured a constant supply of Sunlover range ingredients, and efficient reporting mechanisms tracked sales, preferences, and feedback, offering valuable insights for future strategies.

The results


Magnums sold


social media impressions

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