Driving success in pop-up showrooms.

The challenge

We wanted to introduce the latest Toyota models in a welcoming setting, outside of the traditional dealership environment. To do this, we aimed to create an inviting pop-up where consumers could explore new models without feeling pressured.

We wanted to foster a comfortable space for consumers to explore the features and benefits of the new models at their own pace, promoting a positive and enjoyable experience that goes beyond the typical dealership encounter.

The strategy

We initiated an annual program across various shopping centres in London and the South East – assembling a team of passionate brand ambassadors to accompany consumers, offering guidance and capturing data for test drives.

Our planning included scheduling, media coordination, and managing logistics for seamless car operations during the tour. And, we prioritised detailed reporting for each event, ensuring the smooth running of operations and providing valuable insights for optimising future projects.

The results


engaged prospects per annum


direct sales

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