Developing a direct to consumer retail solution

The challenge

Maybelline’s access to customers has typically been limited to the customers who turn up at concessions in third-party retailers. The global cosmetics brand wanted a route directly to consumers, so we helped to develop the first retail solution direct to the consumer.

The strategy

We built an imposing Maybelline beauty store right in the heart of Bluewater shopping centre. Over the next 6 months, make-up fans were able to receive personalised consultations from specially trained Maybelline make-up experts.

Our sales programme, monthly refresher and leaderboard competitions made sure that staff were committed to turning curious browsers into happy customers. Our bespoke cloud-based system allowed us to track sales, stock levels and ATV.

The results


Months of personalised consultations


Rise in basket price compared to high street retailers


Listings and shelf space in Boots

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