Ocean Spray

Reaching new audiences with an unforgettable experience

The challenge

Ocean Spray is a household brand. Its classic TV ads have always been memorable and it’s a mainstay in British supermarkets.

However, Ocean Spray was in the middle of a rebrand when they reached out to LIVE to help them reach a brand new audience.

Through the popular Sponsor the Colour Run events, we supported them with the creation of branded kits for participants and created an online mechanism for people to easily share pictures and take part in a competition.

The strategy

Colour Run events involve runners participating in a 5K run in a plain, white t-shirt which picks up different hues of colour throughout the run.

We got Ocean Spray involved by taking over one of the colouring stops, meaning all the runners were doused in our signature cranberry-coloured powder. We also established a strong brand presence in the event village, festival stage, and start and finish lines.

The campaign was designed to drive an emotional response, and we conducted a nationwide sampling campaign alongside sponsoring the Colour Run event.

To truly make sure that we engaged as many people as possible, we ran an online competition and encouraged people to upload pictures tagging Ocean Spray, which helped make the 150,000 social media samples.

The results


Ocean Spray samples handed out


social media impressions


brand photos shared online

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