Taking the taste of Malibu on the road

The challenge

Since 1982, Malibu has firmly established itself as a household name. But how do we re-educate the public on how the brand has evolved over the years? Not just in terms of taste, but how the brand looks and what it means to people.

We created a bespoke, boutique roadshow that toured across UK shopping centres, bringing members of the public an unforgettable shopping experience. All while treating them to some of the best Malibu-based cocktails.

The strategy

In order to fulfil our brief, the Live promo agency took the Malibu mobile roadshow across the UK over a period of 2 years, engaging with audiences in shopping centres up and down the country and placing an immersive experience right at the feet of the brand’s target audience; women aged 18-30.

The experience began exactly where you’d expect – the Malibu bar. We enlisted the help of trained mixologists to produce a range of cocktail samples to greet our valued guests before they began their journey through the roadshow.

From there, it was all down to them to design their ideal shopping experience – from treating themselves to a manicure or massage, getting summer-ready with a spray tan, or enjoying concierge shopping assistance – all while nursing a delicious Malibu cocktail.

As part of our strategy, we utilised partnerships with Fakebake and Boohoo to provide the very best services to the public and enrich their overall experience.

The results




days of sampling


cocktails distributed


sales increase

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