Department for Transport

The challenge

The Department for Transport (DfT) is a UK government organisation, responsible for all of the country’s transport infrastructure, from the coast to the M1.

From how passengers view the Train Operating Companies (TOCs) to their general use of the railways, they need to gather information about how its services are used and how national infrastructure needs to adapt to the changing needs of the population.

Every two decades, the DfT conducts an extensive national ‘rail’ survey to determine the UK’s public transport usage.

This valuable data is analysed to determine future requirements and subsequent projects, such as new infrastructure, TOCs accreditations, train scheduling and timetable revisions.

The survey requires visiting 1,500 individual stations and travelling on 700 individual train journeys/lines.

This is where LIVE came in to help.

The strategy

This was a sizeable undertaking, so we developed a process to make sure we gathered authentic results as quickly as possible.

  • Recruit a nationwide team of auditors that could go to 1500 stations in order to ascertain the number of staff, entrances, exits and barriers required per station.
  • With this data in place, we could then plan live deployment, including how many staff, when and where. 
  • Teams were recruited across the nation to work at stations to hand out surveys to consumers. 
  • 300 staff were brought together to be trained on the project, and the logistics and to develop familiarity with the survey. 
  • The kit produced included signage, banner stands, consource media, iPads, (where we created a bespoke reporting application), uniforms and lanyards.


The results


trained staff


stations audited


surveys captured

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