Raising brand awareness and engagement

The challenge

In a market flooded with broadband options, Hyperoptic faced the challenge of standing out as the superior choice and educating consumers about their cutting-edge products and services. To tackle this, Hyperoptic partnered with us to generate awareness and engage potential customers. The key challenge was to reach out to apartment blocks, identify new locations, and bring Hyperoptic’s messages to life through local marketing initiatives.

The strategy

Hyperoptic, together with our expertise, devised a strategy that involved visiting over 300 locations across 20 London Boroughs and 10 major cities in the UK.

We orchestrated a variety of engaging activities, ranging from door drops and leafleting to free coffee mornings, ice cream vans, and themed events such as fireworks, Valentine’s celebrations, Easter Egg hunts, and even Christmas grottos.

This diverse approach aimed not only to raise awareness but also to create memorable, positive associations with the brand.

To ensure the success of these initiatives, LIVE provided Hyperoptic with a dedicated tech force of Brand Ambassadors throughout the year.

These Brand Ambassadors underwent thorough training on the brand, its unique selling propositions (USPs), and market intelligence. Quarterly training updates ensured that the teams remained well-equipped with the latest information.

LIVE managed logistics, planning, reporting, and provided necessary kit and collateral to facilitate the seamless execution of Hyperoptic’s engagement strategy.

The Results


maximum growth on location


leaflets handed out


door drops


live conversations

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