Blossom Hill

Bringing the wine bouquet to customers across the UK

The challenge

With a new Summer range on the horizon, Blossom Hill wanted to bring its beverages to the masses, engaging potential customers where they shopped. The brand challenged us to come up with creative executions that excited passers-by, encouraging them to wet their whistles and have a conversation with friendly brand ambassadors.

The strategy

We designed and built a 4-month sampling roadshow that toured UK shopping centres and supermarkets. Our unique stand brought the Summer wine bouquet to life, with flowers, trees and a smell machine!

We deployed a core team of highly-trained staff who worked across all locations, helping to bring consistency and expertise to every interaction. And a cleverly devised photo-op mechanic ensured customers could capture and share the moment to increase Blossom Hill’s reach.

The results


live days


sampling redemption


social impressions

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