Smart Energy

On a mission to create a smarter Britain

The challenge

To educate consumers about the benefits of shifting to a smart meter, and the Smarter Britain campaign. Our research has demonstrated that simply addressing people’s concerns and questions isn’t enough, they need to be shown the bigger picture to truly get them to understand why getting a smart meter matters.

The strategy

Live partnered with Smart Energy and TV property gurus Kirsty and Phil to promote the ‘A Smarter Britain’ needs you campaign. The tour went to 10 cities with Kirsty and Phil presenting their campaign manifesto live to the crowds.

The main part of each tour stop was the live event, we also had a photo booth and digital energy savings experience that people engaged with. We created a movement to ensure everyone is aware of the positive impact smart meters can have on our energy behaviour, homes, pockets and the country.

The results




Smart Meter conversions


photos taken


brochures distributed

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